About the University

univeristy-of-mumbaiThe University of Mumbai (known earlier as University of Bombay) is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India. It was established in 1857 consequent upon "Wood's Education Dispatch", and it is one amongst the first three Universities in India. As a sequel to the change in the name of the city from Bombay to Mumbai, the name of the University has been changed from "University of Bombay" to "University of Mumbai", vide notification issued by the Government of Maharashtra and published in the Government Gazette dated 4th September, 1996. The University was accorded 5 star status in 2001 & 'A' grade status in April 2012 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It has been granted University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) status by UGC and PURSE Scheme by DST.

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Important Announcements

विद्यापीठातील सर्व विभागांचे संचालक/ विभाग प्रमुख, सर ज. जी. वास्तुशास्त्र महाविद्यालयाचे प्रभारी प्राचार्य, मुंबई विद्यापीठ ग्रंथालयाचे प्रभारी ग्रंथपाल, स्थानापन्न परीक्षा नियंत्रक, वित्त व लेखा अधिकारी, सर्व उपकुलसचिव, नियंत्रक, मुद्रण व लेखन सामुग्री, विद्यापीठ अभियंता, सर्व सहाय्यक कुलसचिव आणि कुलसचिवांच्या कार्यालयातील सर्व विभागांचे/ कक्षांचे प्रमुखः नोव्हेंबर, २०१५ ते जानेवारी, २०१६ पर्यंतचे सर्व शिक्षक, अधिकारी/ कर्मचा-यांची बायोमॅट्रीक हजेरी तपासून विनापरवानगी गैरहजर व विलंबाने कार्यालयात हजर असलेल्या शिक्षक, अधिकारी/ कर्मचा-यांचे वेतन, फेब्रुवारी २०१६ च्या वेतनामधून कमी करण्यात यावे व यापुढेही बायोमॅट्रीक हजेरीनुसारच वेतन काढण्याबाबत

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Still deciding what you want to study at university? Browse the full range of options with our course guides, a detailed information about types of program, specializations and career prospects.

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Whether your new to campus or are looking for more information on campus activities you can find information about admissions and financial aid here

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