University Of Mumbai

    No. Stat / 225  / 2011.


    Sub : Return of students on Rolls as on 1st  August, 2011 
    ( i.e. Academic Year 2011-2012.)  


       The Directors/ Heads of the University Departments/ Principals Of the affiliated Colleges, Head of the recognized Institutions, the Principal, Sir. J. J. College of Architecture, and the Professor-cum-Director, Institute of Distance Education are hereby informed that the printed booklet providing the space for  furnishing information relating  to various factors of the students, courses, status of the college and teaching and non teaching staff  of  the  college, which are required by the University for compiling and maintaining updated records, is forwarded.           

                It has been observed in the recent past that some of the Directors / Principals and Heads of Departments/ Institution/Colleges are either not submitting the above information in stipulated time or submitting incomplete / incorrect and not in required manner. It becomes practically difficult to consolidate the particulars of foreign students due to non- submission of such information. As result of this, it causes considerable hardship to the University Administration and also creates many difficulties in completing the required work on time and in proper manner.    

                They are, therefore requested to ensure that no column of information is left blank. If there is no information to submit �NA� be shown against such column. Similarly, page total wherever shown be mentioned without fail and be carried forward to next page, if required. 

                 They are, further requested to instruct their concerned members of the  staff to carefully examine the booklet before forwarding the information (in original booklet only) of their college and understand clearly what is required to be supplied.

                Non-compliance of correct information in time by the Departments/ Institutions / Colleges will be seriously viewed and list of such defaulters will be  reported the competent authorities of the University / State Government.

                The enclosed booklet duly completed may please be forwarded to the Statistical Unit  ( Room No. 202 ) , Second floor, University  Main Building, Fort, Mumbai - 400 032, on or before 31st August 2011. 

                 If they find any difficulty and need assistance in filling up the Statistical information in enclosed form, kindly contact on Telephone number 022-22708738 or visit personally during the working hours.

                                                                                                  ( Prin. (Dr.) M. S. Kurhade)

    Encl : As above                                                                                                               I/c REGISTRAR

    MUMBAI - 400 032
    22nd  July,  2011

    IMPORTANT NOTE :-  Kindly upload the same information in the prescribed Format which was available on University Site www.mu.ac.in (mail) and send the information on E-Mail :- supt.statunit@gmail.com  and also the Hard copy to our office address at the on or before 20th September 2011.

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