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Spanish, currently the third most widely spoken language in the world, has become a synonym for future and career opportunities in India as well as abroad. The geographical gap between the Hispanic world and India is being increasingly reduced by means of a significant cooperation between Hispanic and Indian institutions and companies, and there is a high demand for professionals with competence in the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture. You too can walk that path of intercultural understanding and progress!
The Department of French currently offers Spanish courses in three levels:

Certificate (levels A1-A2): 
Upon completion of the Certificate course in Spanish you will enjoy learning how to communicate using simple but effective structures in a wide range of daily situations, such as basic social interactions, hotels, restaurants, shops and much more.

Diploma (levels A2-B1):
The Diploma course offers a deeper insight into the Spanish language and culture, allowing you to communicate effectively in every daily situation and discuss a wide variety of topics.

Advanced Diploma (levels B1-B2, plus 2 weekly hours of Spanish Culture & Civilization):
The Advanced Diploma course takes the students further into the world of Spanish. More complex language structures and topics are being discussed and studied, and by means of a parallel Culture & Civilization course, the students end up having a complete panoramic overview of different aspects of the Hispanic culture such as gastronomy, history, arts, music, economy, education, etc., that will allow them to acquire the intercultural competence necessary to start a prospect career related to the Hispanic world.

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Eligibility: Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Duration: One academic year
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Eligibility: Certificate Course in Spanish
Duration: One academic year