• Introduction
    • Year of Establishment :- Established in 2004
    • Location :-  Univeristy Computerisation Centre, Room No. 09 and Room No 214, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Bhavan (IDOL), University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari, Kalina, Santacruz Mumbai-400 098, INDIA.
    • Hardware :-
    • Platforms :-
    • Networking :-
  • Work Handled
    • Providing WiFi, Internet connectivity,
    • Maintaining Network at Kalina & Fort campuses,
    • Maintaining BioHRM system,
    • Biometric Attendance data,
    • Thumb, face recognition machines,
    • Maintaining Document Journey Management System (DJMS),
    • Uploading various Circulars, TImetables and Examination related information,
    • Updating Seminars & Conference, Courses and Admission Information on University web site,
    • Maintaining Mumbai University website and various departments' websites,
    • Maintaing Ratnagiri campus and Thane sub campus Information
    • Updating Hostels information as well as Sports Competitions, Sports events at university and colleges level Notifications
    • Helping German Dept. and Nano Science Dept. for mobile app,
    • Data Center, Servers,
    • Maintaining E-mail services,
    • E-suvidha & E-charge,
    • Statistical Information software,
    • Software for NAAC data,
    • MahaDBT scholarships
  • Staff

    Name:- Dr. Mrs. Sadhana J. Kamatkar

    Designation:- System Manager & Co-ordinator

    Qualification:- Ph. D. Computer Science


    Name:- Mr.Sunit .S. More

    Designation:- I.T. Administrator

    Qualification:- B.E (Electronics)


    Name:-  Miss. Amruta Naresh Salvi

    Designation:- System & Network Administrator

    Qualification:- BE (Computer Engineer)


    Name:-  Mr. Prasad J. Talavdekar

    Designation:- System & Network Administrator

    Qualification:- BSC-IT


    Name:-  Mr. Ajit  S. Kamble

    Designation:- Database Administrator

    Qualification:- M.C.A.


    Name:-  Mr.  Sanket   S.  Sawant

    Designation:- Web Administrator

    Qualification:- M.Sc. in Information Technology


    Name:-  Mr. Rohit R. Choubey

    Designation:- System Programmer

    Qualification:- M.Sc Computer Science


    Name:-  Miss. Amrapali P. Tayde

    Designation:- System Programmer

    Qualification:- Bachelor of Engineering (CS)


    Name:-  Mr.  Abhijeet  R.  Ikke

    Designation:- Network Assistant

    Qualification:- Diploma in Computer Technology


    Name:-  Mr. Siddhesh B. Kamble

    Designation:- Network Assistant

    Qualification:- B.sc.(IT)


    Name:-  Mr. Vikas  S. Sharma

    Designation:- Network Assistant

    Qualification:- BSc-IT


    Name:-  Miss. Manjusha  R. Tambe

    Designation:-  Jr. Ty. Clerk

    Qualification:- B.Com.


    Name:-  Mr. Anand B. Karpe

    Designation:- Peon

    Qualification:- HSC

  • Research
    • Four research papers written by Dr. Sadhana J. Kamatkar, Co-ordinator of UCC along with other staff of UCC were published in proceedings of an International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data - DMBD 2018 (Springer International Publishing  AG, DMBD 2018 LNCS 10943) held on June 17-22, 2018 at  Shanghai, China.