• Facility

    Library Facilities:
    Library of Sanskrit Department contains approximately 3,000 books on variety of subjects including Indology, Mythology, Manuscriptology and various branches of Sanskrit studies.Library Tel no. 022-26533288

    Computer Lab
    Computer lab along with ten computer stations will be shortly established for the benefit of students.

  • Library

    The Department has its own library from the book-donations of its past students. Some eminent indologists and Sanskrit lovers have donated books from their private collections. It has books prescribed for the course-work and also journals, periodicals, reference books and encyclopedias. It has a fund from the University enriching the library. It has a special place allocated in the Shri Ramakrishna Bajaj Sanskrit Bhavan.

    Library Facilities: Library of Sanskrit Department contains approximately 3,000 books on variety of subjects including Indology, Mythology, Manuscriptology and various branches of Sanskrit studies.

    Library Tel no. 022-26533288


  • Courses
    • M.A (Regular) (Specialization -Veda, Vedanta, Vyakarana, Alankara)
    • M.A (Weekend)Â (Specialization- Vedanta)
    • M. Phil
    • Ph.D.
    • Certificate Course in Sanskrit
    • Diploma in Sanskrit
    • P.G. Diploma In Comparative Mythology
    • Advanced Diploma In Comparative Mythology
    • Certificate Course in Manuscriptology
    • Diploma in Manuscriptology
    • Advanced Diploma in Manuscriptology
    • Certificate course in Mysticism (will start soon)
    • Diploma in Mysticism
    • Advanced Diploma in Mysticism

    Graduation in B.A. (Sanskrit) - No Entrance Exam.for any faculty Graduation - Entrance Exam.

    Fee structure :

    1. M.A. (Part - I)- Rs. 5661/- (+Rs. 660 exam fee)

    2. M.A. (Part - II)- Rs. 4506/- (+Rs. 660 exam fee)

    3. M.Phill -Rs. 7495/- (+Rs. 760 exam fee)

    4. Ph.D.- Rs. 11995/-

    5. Certificate in Sanskrit - Rs. 2040/- (+Rs. 360 /-exam fee)

    6. Diploma in Sanskrit- Rs. 2040/- (+Rs. 360/- exam fee)

    7. P-G Diploma course in comparative mythology-Rs. 2540/- (+Rs. 660 exam fee)

    8. Advanced P. G. Diploma in Comparative mythology- Rs. 3540/- (+Rs. 660/- exam fee)

    9. Certificate course in Manuscriptology- Rs. 1040/- (Including Exam Fee)

    10. Diploma course in Manuscriptology-Rs. 1540/-(Including Exam Fee)

    11. Advanced Diploma Course in Manuscriptology - Rs. 2040/-(Including Exam Fee)


    The Department gives merit scholarships to its research students as well as ten students securing first class at the undergraduate level. Chetana Foundation (Mumbai) is sponsoring every year one research student in the name of Shri Sudhakar Dixit. Shankar Mattam (Mumbai) gives scholarship to two students specializing in Vedanta (Indian Philosophy). Prof. H. D. Velankar Prize is awarded to a student securing the highest number of marks in Veda for M. A. A student securing highest number of marks in Vyakarana is awarded the Sir R. G. Bhandarkar Prize. Meritorious students (first and second rank-holders) of all courses are felicitated with prizes named after Prof. Dr. S. A. Dange, installed by Dr. Smt. Sindhu Dange and Dr. Vinata Lokeshwar. Student securing highest number of marks in Vedanta receives the Prof. Premalata Tattoo Medal sponsored by Dr. A. B. Bakre. Late Smt. S. V. Mahulikar Prize is also awarded to two students securing highest number of marks in Vedanta and student securing second highest marks in Sanskrit at M. A. Besides these scholarships, the GOI scholarships are given to students belonging to SC/ST/DT/NT/VJNT/OBC students.

  • Research

    Completed Projects:

    • Under U.G.C Research Associate Award.'Impact of the Yogavasistha on religious cults in India in general and in Maharashtra in particular' (University of Mumbai, 1983.) Completed by R. G. Bhadarkar Professor Dr. Uma Vaidya
    • A Minor Research Project entitled, "A Study of Values reflected in the Puranic Stories" carried out by Ex. R. G. Bhandarkar Professor Dr. Alka during 1994-96 for which Springer Research Post Doctoral Scholarship was awarded by the University of Mumbai.
    • A Major Research Project entitled, "An In-depth study of Values reflected in Sanskrit Religious Works" was carried out by Ex. R. G. Bhandarkar Professor during Jan. 1998 to Jan. 2001 for which the University Grants Commission had sanctioned financial assistance.
    • Post-Doctoral Project under-U.G.C. Minor Research Project Grant 'Commentry literature in ancient India, with special reference to Sayana, Samkaracarya and Patanjali.(Wilson College, Mumbai.),in April 1999-2011,Completed by R. G. Bhadarkar Professor Dr. Uma Vaidya
    • Post-Doctoral Project under Asiatic Research Fellowship in the year 2006-07 Sanskrit, Pali and Ardhamagadhi sentence- construction, a comparative study, Completed by R. G. Bhadarkar Professor Dr. Uma Vaidya
    • Major Research Project on 'Environmental thought in Sanskrit Literature', July 2006-Dec 2009 Completed by R. G. Bhadarkar Professor Dr. Uma Vaidya
    • A project entitled 'Caitya : A Mode of Subaltern Worship (through Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit Sources)'completed by Dr. Madhavi Narsalay during 2006-2007

    Ongoing Projects:

    • Exploring Theological Discourse on Peaceful Co-existence through Text analysis This project is in collaboration with the Department of philosophy and Department of Arabic.Principal Investigator and Co-ordinator-Dr. Madhavi NarsalayProject Fellow- Miss. Mrunalini Newalkar
    • Digital Preservation of Palm Leaf ManuscriptsCo-ordinator- Dr. Gauri MahulikarProject Fellows: Dr. Sujata Kanitkar and Mrs. Vandana Lele
    • Sanskrit Thesaurus on Mobile Sanskrit-Shabda-LahariCo-ordinator-Dr. Uma C. VaidyaTechnical Director- Mr. Sunil KhandbahaleThis project is in association with Khandbahale.com
  • Annual Report
    1. वर्षवृत्त २०१०-११
  • Seminar and Event

    Upcoming year 2012-2013 will be celebrated as golden Jubilee year by the Department. Following programmes will take place on this special occasion-

    • Inauguration of Golden Jubilee Year on 2nd January 2011
    • Seminar on Mysticism on 6th -7th February 2011 in collaboration with ESSAR-AVID- a school of continuous learning. Venue: Sir Phirozeshah Mehta Bhavan, Seminar Hall, Vidyanagari,Santacruz(E), Mumbai-400 098.
    • Workshops on Vyakarana and Vedanta and many more programmes.
  • Services

    The office staff is fully equipped with computers and printers. As this is a student-friendly Department, the teaching and non-teaching staff provides first -aid to the students in difficulty. The teaching staff delivers public lectures on social issues like moral values, communal harmony and also topics of public interest like Kautilya Arthashastra and Classical Sanskrit Literature.

  • Faculty
    Suchitra Name:- Dr. Suchitra Tajane
    Designation :-
    Head and Assistant Professor
    Telephone :- 022-26533283
    Email :-smanware@old.mu.ac.in
    Website :- Curriculum Vitae
    Madhavi Name:- Dr. Madhavi Narsalay
    Designation :-Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit
    Telephone :- 022-26533284
    Email:- madhavinarsalay@yahoo. com mnarsalay@old.mu.ac.in

    Website :- Curriculum Vitae
    gawade_s Name:- Dr. Shakuntala Gawde
    Designation :-Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit
    Telephone :-

    Email :- shakuntala_gawde@rediffmail.com ,

    Website:- Curriculum Vitae


  • Administrative Staff

    Mrs. Rekha Kadam Steno

  • Alumni

    Rtayana is the Sanskrit lovers association. It is the association for Sanskrit students of the department as well as for all those who want to be associated with the department of Sanskrit