In 1886, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta and Justice Triambak Telang voted a motion in the Senate of the University of Bombay to introduce French language and literature as a subject at the Bachelor of Arts. In 1964, University of Bombay started a Foreign Languages Department. An independent Department of French was created in 1993.


    French is one of the first foreign languages to be taught in India. Established in 1964, the Department is one of the few departments in the country to specialize in French as well as francophone literature. In 2005, the Department started its first Under Graduate programme in French Studies at the University. This course is specially designed to cater to students who are interested in specializing in French language, literature and culture. They can choose from a wide variety of subjects:  art, history, tourism, business French, literature, translation and contemporary French society. Moreover, the course also makes provision for the students to take up one additional foreign language (Italian/Spanish/German/Arabic).

    Our department strives to recreate a French ambiance in an Indian context through courses in French language, literature and culture at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. Also, training in language skills (oral and written) is offered through Certificate Diploma, Advanced Diploma courses in French (one year duration).  Masters and Doctoral programmes (French) are also offered. Interdisciplinary and comparative research are the thrust areas.


    The objective of this department is to equip students with foreign language skills and cultural tools while encouraging them to build bridges with their own culture through translations, intercultural studies. The courses not only introduce but also facilitate an experience of different aspects of life in France and Francophone countries. The department organizes food festivals, film shows, play reading, talks on art and sculpture, story telling, music to give the students a taste of authentic French space. Further, students have the opportunity to meet writers, poets, playwrights, film makers, story tellers from France and French speaking countries. National and International seminars and workshops are regularly held on subjects relevant to a better understanding of French culture. Field trips organized by the students for the students are the practical component of the Tourism paper.


    Learning is not limited to our classrooms and textbooks. Apart from course work through lectures, the academic programme includes talks on French and Francophone literature (Africa, Quebec, Indian Ocean), Culture Studies and Translation. Faculties are invited from national as well as international Departments of French to deliver these talks. The Best student teacher ratio favors language learning with cultural inputs is the strength of this Department. The Department also edits the only international research journal in French, Synergies-Inde in collaboration with the Ministre of Affaires Etrangres, Ministre de l'Education nationale et de l'Enseignement suprieur et de la Recherche, La Direction des relations internationals et de la Co-opration (DRIC), La Maison des Sciences de L'Homme.

  • Courses


    For more details of above courses Contact : Department of French, Ranade Bhavan, ‘B’Wing, Gr. Floor, Room 15, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 098.

    Email ID : deptoffrench.mu@rediffmail.com
  • Research:

    Interdisciplinary Research is one of the specializations of the Department of French. Introduction to research methodology as well as a dissertation are part of the M.A. (French) curriculum. Besides, research can be pursued at the department leading to Ph.D. and even post-doctoral studies. Research done at the Department is aided by a Departmental Library as well as computer facility with access to JSTOR and other e journals and book. The thrust areas are didactics of French (FLE),  comparative literature



    Students have won prestigious scholarships to pursue higher studies abroad. Some of them are listed below:

    • The French Embassy Assistante d'Anglais programme gives students a unique opportunity to discover France and teach English there at the school level for a period of 7 months.

    • The Lion's Club and Rotary club cultural exchange programmes offer students the possibility of spending a few weeks in France discovering both the country and the culture besides perfecting their linguistic skills.

    • The University for Foreigners of Siena offers students of Italian at the University of Mumbai 3 scholarships of 1 month duration each.

    • The Embassy of Spain offers one scholarship of 1 month duration open to students of Spanish at the University of Mumbai

    • Erasmus Mundus scholarships to study Master CLE.

    Faculty achievements


    Altérités multiples en traduction : explorations indiennes par Christine Raguet et Vidya Vencatesan, Traductiva Vita, 2019, volume 4

    Des Indes à l'Inde: perceptions transculturelles par Vidya Vencatesan, Synergies Inde 8, 2019

    Le plurilinguisme en contextes asiatiques : dynamiques et articulations par Fabienne Leconte, Vasumathi Badrinathan et Gilles Forlot

    Glottopol No 30, 2018

    Intermède français :images des comptoirs en Inde par  Vidya Vencatesan et Claude Arpi  Synergies Inde 7 2016

    D'autres mondes, French translation of Lava and Tarkash by Shri Javed Akhtar, renowned Urdu poet by Professor Vidya Vencatesan, Editions Janus, Paris, 2014

    french01 french02


    Student's achievements - 2014-2015

    Sowmya Srikrishna and Vaijayanthi Jangannathan :

    • Students participated in Exchange Programme between University of Mumbai and Paris 3, la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris from September 2014 to January 2015

    Jyothsana Venkateshwar

    • Awarded research fellowship by the Embassy of France in India in November 2014

    Centre International Francophone des Lions Club

    July 2014

    • Tannavee Korgaokar : Centre international francophone de l'environment (CISE)

    • Mrunmaee Kore : Centre international francophone de la patrimoine (CIST)

    July 2013

    • Sayli Dabholkar: La sagess et d'etre sure quand des circonstences  ont val la peine:

    Italian scholarships


    • Anuja Padwal,Siena

    • Nityanand Poojari, Siena

    • Aarthi chandru,Perguia

    • Pallavi Chalkar ,Genova

    • Mrunmayee Kadam , Genova


    • Saloni Gandhi,Siena

    • Saloni Gandhi,Siena

    • Vaijayanthi  Jagannathan ,Perugia

    • Iram Quazi,Perugia

    • Amruta Kadam,Perugia


    • Amey Mathkar, Siena

    • Jsmine Nadar, Perugia

    • Ajay Kamalakaran ,Siena 

    2011, Siena

    • Komala Devarajan

    • Pooja Desai

    • Vaijayanthi  Jagannathan

    2010, Siena

    • Aditee Padsalgikar

    • Radhika Das

    • Jyothsana Venkateswar

    Publication : Synergies Inde.

    french04 french03

  • Library

    The Department has a departmental library for the undergraduate (B.A.) and post-graduate students. This library is well equipped with books (approximately 1000 books), news papers, magazines, dissertations, thesis, DVDs and CD-Rom for language courses. We also have our own film library.


    Academic Year 2012-2013

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born a citizen of Geneva on 28th June 2012. He lived all over Europe in the course of his chequered life and gave the world original ideas, revolutionary thoughts and lyrical poetic prose. He wrote music, was a keen botanist, an educationist, a philosopher of repute and a man of letters.
    The Department of French, University of Mumbai will honour this great philosopher and thinker by a special programme organised on the tricentenary of his birth at 11am in Room no 1, Ranade Bhavan, Vidyanagari, Mumbai. All are welcome. This programme is in French.

    The Orientation course for students of FYBA (French Studies) will be held on Saturday, 30th June 2012 at 3pm at Room no 1, Ranade Bhavan, Ground Floor, Vidyanagari, University of Mumbai, Santacruz (E) Mumbai 98. Students and parents are cordially invited to this programme which will involve interraction with the faculty and the alumni.

    Once upon a Hill - by Kalpish Ratna

    ONCE UPON A HILL by Kalpish Ratna at the seminar room computer science department, Thursday, 5th July 2012 at 3pm.

    How easily we overlook what is there right in front of our eyes! Familiarity, long before it breeds contempt, fosters a quaint disinterest. This is exactly what has happened, and is happening now as you read this, to what is perhaps the most ancient in this city we call home. It is 60 million years old. What we are talking about is Gilbert Hill in Andheri. Let us take you on a journey to learn what this hill is, and how, what we do to it foreshadows the fate that lies ahead for the city of Bombay?Â

    The presentation will be followed by a heritage walk of Gilbert Hill. Pl register with us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements. You can email us at aditishridhar@gmail.com.


    • 13th February 2012 @ 11 am: Visit by officers of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

    • 17 Feb 2012 @ 10.30 am Shraddhanjali Molire extracts from Molires plays to be staged by students from the university and city colleges Guest of honour Dominique Frin, Attach Linguistique, Consulat Gnral de France Mumbai.

    • 20 Feb 2012 @ 2.30Â 4.30pm : Lecture by Prof. Bndicte Maugire, on Jean-Marie Le Clzios La Quarantaine

    • 21 Feb 2012 @ 10.30 amLectures by Prof. Lori Saint Martin and Marie-Andre Roy on Womens Writing in Quebec studies (20th& 21st February, 2012)

    • 21st February 2012: 2.30Â 5.30 Teachers training workshop by Dominique Frin, Attach Linguistique Consulat Gnral de France Mumbai.

    • 25th February to 3rd March 2012: Lecture Series by Dr. Lissa Lincoln on Camus and the Law () 16th February 2012 Lecture by Dr Madhavi Narsalay, on Sukasaptati

  • French

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2011-2012

    JULY 2011

    • Two month specially conceive course on Italian culture through Cinema by Dr. AleanOleary University of UK (July & August 2011)

    AUGUST 2011

    • Inauguration of Spanish book section in the French Departmental library by the Consul General of Spain Lecture by Dr. Madhavi Narsale Panchatantra and the animal fable tradition

    SEPTEMBER 2011

    • Visit by two members of Parliament for Government of France. (Eric Woerth & Paul Giacobbi)

    OCTOBER 2011

    • Lecture by Ms Muriel Bloch on French story telling traditions Le conte francais
    • Lecture by Ronald Laroque on story telling in qubcois and inuit traditions.
    • Lecture by Dr. Lipi BiswasSen, JNU Construction of the Nation in Yavar Fiesta
    • Settimana Della Lingua Italiana Nel Mundo

    DECEMBER 2011

    • Lecture by Jaume Sanllorente founder of NGO Mumbai Smiles in Spanish.
    • Lecture Prof. Jean Marie Fournier, Paris 7, on Paris travers la littrature
    • Workshop by Prof. Jean Marie Fournier, Paris 7, on initiation la Musique classique occidentale
    • Lecture by Prof. Jean Marie Fournier, Paris 7 on Chateaubriand le prromantique
    • Special cultural event to show case students creativity and competence in French O la lafontaine

    JANUARY 2012

    • Jan 2012 Prof. Mathis Behrens, Director IRDP, Neuchatel, Switzerland and Dr. Malgorzata Pamula, Universit Pdagogique de Cracovie, Poland. La Suisse Romande-differentesmanieres dintegrer la perspective culturelle dans lapprentissage de la langue francaise.
    • Jan 2012 Special meeting of Teacher of French in Schools govern by the S.S.C Maharashtra Board to discuss problems relating to change of text book introduced in June 2011- annual evaluation.


    We were lucky to welcome in the campus a number of interesting guests from different parts of the Hispanic geography and different fields:

    • Mr. Antonio Bulln, Consul General of Spain in Mumbai;

    • Mr. Manlio Argueta, poet, novelist and political activist from El Salvador;

    • Mr. Jaume Sanllorente, founder and director of the NGO Mumbai Smiles from Barcelona, Spain;

    • Mrs. Lipi Biswas Sen, experienced professor of Hispanic literature at Jawharlal Nehru University;

    • Ms. Gema Rodrguez, former lecturer of the Hindu University of Banaras and currently teacher at the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi, from Seville, Spain;

    • Ms. Irene Salas, young and promising film-maker of Spanish-Mexican origin, currently working at the Department of Cultural Management at the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi;

    • Along with them, a number of Spanish-speaking guests and fellow lecturers from other Indian universities where Spanish is being taught, have been invited to participate in our classes and interact with out students.

    A sincere vote of thanks to all of them for their fruitful and much appreciated collaboration!

    Da de la Hispanidad

    On October 12th the Hispanic community celebrates the Day of Hispanity, and we wanted to be a part of it! We had fun and games related to the Hispanic culture, everyone participated: Students and teachers alike. And in the end we tasted a sweet bit of it all!

    Also, thanks to the General Consulate of Spain in Mumbai, we have been able to enjoy  watching a flamenco performance at the NCPA in Colaba both in 2010 and 2011, and the students got to interact with the artists.

    Week of the Spanish gastronomy

    In November 2011 the Spanish Consulate organized a week of tasting of Spanish products and dishes at the restaurant Olive in Bandra, and a group of lucky students were invited to participate. We could enjoy different tapas (small portions of food, typical from Spain, such as gazpacho, a cold tomato and vegetable soup) and the students could prove their competence by practising with a Spanish-speaking crowd.

    Postcard contest

    In order to motivate the beginner students to further develop their writing skills, a contest of letters and postcards was organized in the Certificate batch in 2012. Those who participated really put their enthusiasm in the task, and apart from the reward that knowledge itself is, they received a set of gifts by the Instituto Cervantes.

    Spanish Christmas Celebration

    Navidad (Christmas) is a very important cultural celebration in Spain and most of the Spanish-speaking countries. On Dec. 24th 2010 we had our own particular Spanish Christmas at the Department, with a presentation of the typical Christmas food, and the origin of the different festivities that people celebrate in Spain. We even metaphorically teleported to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to eat the 12 grapes with the Spanish people and wish each other a happy and prosperous new year! Only, instead of grapes, we used moong dal, but luck knows no frontiers!

    Storytellers from Spain

    The Department of English of the University of Mumbai organized a marvellous Storytelling Festival in October 11, and were kind enough to host two storytellers from Zaragoza, Spain. Carmen Conguantes and Mr. Loren, as well as acting in the festival, kindly agreed to come to the Spanish lectures and tell some stories to the students. We had a really great time!



    Name: Dr Vasumathi Badrinathan
    Qualification: MPhil (University of Franche-Comté, France), PhD (University of Lille 3, France)
    Designation: Assistant Professor  

    Email Id: vasu@vasumathi.net



    Name: Dr. Vidya Vencatesan
    Qualification: M Phil , PhD (Paris 3, La Sorbonne Nouvelle)
    Designation: Professor
    Email Id: vidya.vencatesan@gmail.com


    Name: Mrs. Tasneem Azmi
    Qualification: M.A French, M.A English Literature, Ma'trise FLE
    Designation: Assistant Professor
    Email Id: tasneemazmi@gmail.com



  • Bharati

    Name: Ms. Bharati Prakash Gaikwad
    Designation: Jr. Typist Clerk
    Email Id: gaikwadbharati@ymail.com


    Name: Mr. Arun Govind Pawar Designation: Peon
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