• Introduction

    The University Department of kannada was established in the year 1979. This Department offers M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in kannada and courses for Certificate and Diploma in kannada.

    The Department gives equal importance to Research and Teaching. Team of its Faculty Members is known for its devotion to the profession along with keen inclination towards Research activities. Individual differences of the students are taken care of. Personal as well as academic problems of the students are given due consideration. Apart from the routine activities, the Dept. is constantly engaged in extension programmes like Publication, Study Tours, Projects, Symposia. Meet the Author, Book Talk and such other intellectual activities. It makes it convenient to invite all the Dignitaries in the field and to provide its students and members of Faculty with opportunities to have a cordial, informative and innovative interaction with them.

    Department of Kannada

    The Department of kannada offers centralized lecture programme for post-graduate Students for the benefit of students Department as well as of other centre.

    University of Mumbai finances the Department to create and maintain infrastructural facilities for its teaching learning activities Research and related programmes. Additional finance required for Research work is sought by members of Faculty from National Agencies like U.G.C. It has established close contacts with the Researchers, creative Writers Research Institutions Dept's at other Universities both within and across the discipline. This interaction is maintained at personal as well as Institutional levels.


    The Department of kannada is housed on the First Floor of RANADE BHAVAN, located in well planned Vidyanagari Campus of the University of Mumbai. The Vidyanagari Campus is off Vidyanagari Marg, known as C.S.T. Road, near kalina. This is accessible both from Central and western Railway. BEST bus route 318, 313, 91 and 37 plying between Kurla (West) [Central Railway] and 318, 313 and 306 Santacruz (East) [Western Railway] pass via Vidyanagari. It takes hardly five minutes on foot from the main gate to reach the Department.

    The visitor would fall in love with the campus at the first sight. Its ever green surroundings pollution free atmosphere and attractive exterior have unique aesthetic appeal Staff Qtrs, Hostel for Boys and Girls. Academic Informal discussion make the campus lively even in late evenings. There is a rich collection of books and Journals in Jawaharlal Nehru Library located on the Campus Garware Institute of Career Education and Management, which offers various job oriented training courses is there on the Campus. This enables the students to convert their free time into productive endeavour.

    There is a Students Counseling Centre to help the students solve individual problem.

    Besides offering good food on subsidised rates the canteen provide students and teachers with a common place to meet and interact with their counterparts from other Dept. In a nutshell the campus is a training field for the multidimensional development of the students.

  • Facilities


    There are Boys and Girls Hostels on the Campus. Two seats in each are reserved for the students of the Department.


    1) Govt. of India Scholarships for SC/ST students are available for all candidates from these catagories.

    2) Govt. of Karnataka Scholarship.

    3) Scholarships offered by the Karnataka Sangha, Mumbai.

    4) A Few student Freeships offered by the University.

    5) One merit Scholarship offered by the University.

    OTHER :

    Texts and Reference Books are available to students from the Book Bank Scheme of the Department.

  • Library

    The Department has an independent 'Library with Reference collection of over 5,000 books on Literature, History, Biograppical Works Research Activities and other related subjects. It supports the information needs of the students and teachers besides the facilities available (More than 50,000 Books) in J.N. Library on the Campus. The students enrolled in the Department can avail the facilities of both for reading as well as borrowing facilities.



    Two years regular course with eight papers in total. There are four papers each of 100 Marks for Part I (i.e. First year) and the same pattern for Part II (i.e. Second year).

    M.A. PART I :

    Paper I Modern Kannada Prose & Poetry

    Paper III History of Kannada Language, Grammar & Prosody

    Paper V History of Kannada Literature

    Paper VII Special Study of a Literary Form
    Paper VII (Optional) Study of another Indian Literature : Marathi

    M.A. PART II :

    Paper II Old & Medieval Kannada Prose & Poetry

    Paper IV Poetics and Literary Criticism

    Paper VI Cultural History of Karnataka & Kannada Folklore

    Paper VIII Special Study of an Author


    Paper VIII (Optional) Principles of Comparative Literature &



    Structure of the Course :

    The M.Phil Course is of Three Terms (i.e. one & half years duration). Admission is given during November each year. The candidate enroling for M.Phil in the subject of Kannada is required to have secured a minimum of 55% Marks in M.A. There are Three theory papers each of 100 Marks and a dissertation.

    Paper I Research Methodology

    Paper II Comparative Poetics and Advanced Literary Criticism

    Paper III A period of Literature : Medieval Bhakti Literature

    Submission of Dissertation is compulsory, only after clearing the Theory Papers. Examinations for theory Papers are conducted after two terms.


    Admission is given usually during the beginning of the Ist or IInd Terms (July or November). M.A. with 55% of marks in Kannada is a must. M.Phil degree holders are preferred.


    This course is offered Specially for Non-Kannadiga's. This is a Part-time One Year (Post S.S.C) Course.

    CENTRES : One at Kalina Campus & One at Navimumbai
    Kannada Sangha, Vashi

    Structure of the Course :

    1) Introduction to the Language and Literature

    2) Introduction to the basic vocabulary & sentences

    3) Introduction of basic grammatical features

    4) Comprehesion of passages

    5) Introduction of simple Text

    There are two theory papers and an oral test comprising 200 marks in total and the passing minimum is 50%.


    Eligibility :A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Diploma in Kannada must have passed the degree course with a working knowledge of Kannada Language. This is a Part-time One year course.

    Structure of the Course :
    There are three papers each of 100 marks, an assignment & Oral Test.

    Paper I Structure of Kannada

    Paper II Kannada Literary Text

    Paper III Cultural History of Karnataka

    Paper IV : Assignment & Oral Exam (50 Marks each)

  • Research

    The Faculty in the Department has undertaken UGC - Major and Minor Research Projects :

    Topic Principal Investigator Duration & Year
    Kannada Grammar Prof C.K. Dixit 3 years(1984-87)
    Kannada Lit.Compendium Prof. S.K. Havanur 3 years(1987-90)
    Folk Legends of Coastal Karnataka Prof. T Vasanthakumar 3 years(1988-91)
    Kannada Thessaurus  3 years (1998-2001)
    Kannada Inscriptions of Solapur Dr. G.N. Upadhya 1 year (1999-2000)
    Descriptive catalogue of Kannada Inscriptions in Maharashtra   1year (2002-2003)
    Cultural Study of Place-names in Maharashtra   1 year (2004-05)
    Cultural Exchange between Karnataka   1 year (2005-06)

    The following list gives the information on the Faculty of the Dept. Besides regular members of Faculty, it invites teachers from local colleges.

    Dr. G.N. Upadhya, (Joined in September 1994 as a Senior Lecturer & Head as a Lecturer)
    M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D.
    Senior Lecturer & Head,
    Univ. Dept. of Kannada,
    Tel : (Office) 26526091 Extn. 530 (Res) 67969873

    Prof. T Vasanthakumar, (Joined in September, 1986 as a M.A., Ph.D, Reader, Ag. Head from February, Professor &, 1989 and selected for the post of Univ. Dept. of Kannada Professor and Head of the Deptt. in May, 1990).
    Tel . : (Office) 26526091/26526388 Extns. 345

    Dr. S.K. Shetty,
    M.A., Ph.D.
    Reader & Head,(Rtd), Visiting Faculty,
    University of Mumbai
    MUMBAI - 400098
    Tel : (Res) 25653590

    Dr. K. Raghunath,
    M.A., Ph.D.
    Reader & Head,
    Department of Kannada,
    R. J. College, Ghatkopar (West),
    MUMBAI - 400 086.
    Tel : (Office) 25152731
    (Res) 9251-352330

    Dr. G.V. Kulkarni, M.A., Ph.D (English & Kannada)
    (Rtd Professor of Kannada)
    Visiting Lecturer,
    Department of Kannada,
    University of Mumbai,
    MUMBAI – 400 098

  • Administrative, Laboratory and Workshop Staff

    KARUNAKAR V UDYAWAR (joined in 1984 as a SENIOR TYPIST CLERK Typist/Clerk and Department of Kannada, retained as a Senior University of Mumbai, Typist/Clerk on Vidyanagari, May 2005. MUMBAI – 400098 )
    Mobile No.9892408320

    RAMAKANT S MULAM (joined in 1980 as a PEON Hamal in Physic Dept., Department of Kannada, Promoted in Peon, )
    University of Mumbai Univ. Dept. of Kannada
    Mumbai-98 1994.
    Mobile No.9869455749